Trek to Yomi – A Wonderful Action Game

If you’re a lover of old samurai films There’s a lot to enjoy regarding Trek to Yomi. It’s a side-scroller that combines katanas an interesting storyline that does an amazing job of distilling the old-fashioned Japanese films into video game format. However, while it was never able to stop in awe of its visuals however, the actual things you’re doing in the stunning world aren’t quite as appealing as it is a sloppy combat game and exploration that barely gets to the core of its. However, Trek to Yomi’s stylish design makes up for a lot of its flaws in gameplay and makes it a memorable story of a samurai that I’m glad I enjoyed.

Trek to Yomi’s commitment to the black and white samurai film that were made in the 20th century are evident in each and every minute of it, right from the appearance of its initial logos, as well as the main menu right up to the final credits. It’s all there from the fake sparkle that adorns the screen to make it appear as if it’s being played from an old reel, through the pace and delivery of lines during cutscenes to the reference to historical customs and practices of religion that are central in the narrative. It’s difficult to describe how wonderful it is to be able to move around in an intricately detailed version of a style of film I’ve always loved, and that film magic is one of the greatest things Trek to Yomi has to offer , without a doubt.

Trek through Yomi is a quick but thrilling journey, which is as if you’re watching a monochrome Japanese film. The great presentation can keep it going even though it isn’t perfect in many other ways. Combat is a single-note affair that can be easy to master, while puzzles and exploration don’t have much other than the occasional distracting. Its comparatively short story intrigued me enough to make me feel worthy of my time.